About us

PASCAL Lab is a sole proprietorship founded in February 2020 by Eric PASCAL


"I have always been passionate about computers and have been working in software development for nearly 25 years.
I worked for 10 years on various projects in the Research and Development departments of software publishers.
As a consultant for 14 years for more than 30 companies, I worked in various fields such as industry, travel, administrations, banking, international organisations...
My experience with the Tell Watch software team has allowed me to acquire a solid knowledge of the watchmaking industry such as construction, business processes, marketing, industrialisation...
My experience as a software architect allows me to understand the integration aspects in the company in a global way.
My experience in the development of innovative user interfaces allows me to design ergonomic, intuitive and efficient applications.
Through PASCAL Lab, I put my expertise at your service to accompany you in your project. Based in Geneva, listening to your needs, interactivity and reactivity are my priorities.