Welcome to the PASCAL Lab

New technological devices now offer the ability to create a multi-sensory and highly intuitive user experience. The opportunities are numerous and customer/consumer expectations are ever increasing.

PASCAL Lab is a company specialized in the creation of innovative applications, both mobile and multi-experimental. We simplify and enhance access to information by using the most advanced technologies (Smartphone, Tablet, AR, VR, IA, 3D, Big Data) in order to create a user experience that combines simplicity and sensory emotion.

We develop mobile and multi-experienced applications.

These applications can run on a large number of platforms and exploit a wide variety of data.


Why choose us?

Brain expertise


We have a high level of expertise in web technologies.

We human collaboration


The human relationship is at the centre of our concerns. You and your customers are our priority.



Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Holograms, PWA, etc...


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PASCAL Lab is at your disposal for any quotation request.