Emile Chouriet Watch

Watchmaking Information

CAD models used for watch design are often little used outside the design office and are complex. In addition, they require special tools and skills to be exploited.
PASCAL Lab provides your employees with access to this information in various fields:

  • Watchmaking training
  • CAD models and associated information are ideal material for creating effective learning materials.
    PASCAL Lab, in partnership with the company Okalys, creates educational applications on interactive media combining video, documents, images and 3D allowing to take control of the content in an intuitive, fast and simple way.
    Access to the course on digital media increases the attractiveness of learning and induces a better assimilation of the content. The learner becomes an actor.

  • After-sales service
  • PASCAL Lab builds business applications facilitating access to all the information useful for the repair and after-sales service process.
    CAD watch information is also valuable for the After-Sales Service department.
    3D allows the development of precise technical guides, combined with data from a PLM system. It will be easy to complete the data according to product or component modifications.

  • Sales assistance
  • Embark your client on a digital adventure by connecting him to your world, it is now possible thanks to new digital media such as touch screens, tablet and other holographic screens, to make him touch the creativity, ingenuity and precision required to make a watch.
    To allow the buyer, at the time of purchase, to take the measure of the technicality, value and richness of the art object that is his watch.
    PASCAL Lab has a valuable expertise on Web supports and the most modern 3D visualization technologies. Its skills provide access to unique interactive experiences. The transformation of digital information and its faithful representation will seduce your customers.